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Best Apple Watch Leather Bands & Straps

 If you’re looking for the best-looking leather band for Apple watch devices, you’ve come to the right place. Oxa Leather has a wide array of genuine leather watch bands to reflect your personality and style to your accessories.

 Bold appearance. Bold style.

Create a statement every time you wear your Apple Watch leather band. In a sea of boring, pedestrian looks, Oxa Leather’s unique watch bands stand out.

 Comfortable “wear”-ever you go.

People immediately think that wearing a leather watch strap is uncomfortable and rough. Oxa Leather took note of this and ensured a comfortable design that not only looks but feels good.

 Made to withstand the elements

Our Leather Apple Watch Band is made with durable leather so you don’t have to worry about it giving up on you.

 For him, her, and them

Each Apple Watch leather band has a unique story to tell. Oxa’s designs both reflect masculine and feminine styles that can rock a casual or dressier appearance. Choose from Chloe, Zoe, or Madison (and many more)!

 Quality craftsmanship you deserve

Expect nothing but pure mastery and technique in every curve and corner of all Oxa Leather Apple Watch bands. Every strap is a masterpiece you can touch and hold.

 Undeniably Classic

There’s no other way to go but with a Leather Apple Watch Band accessory, a timeless look that goes with every look you have.

 Constructed like no other

Made with high-quality leather material that feels like you’re wearing second-skin. You’ll never get tired of wearing our soft leather band on your wrist.

 Custom fitted to your device

Whether you own an Apple Watch or a Fitbit, we have the right strap with the perfect fit. Expect no loose straps from Oxa!

 FREE shipping for your leather strap

Order your favorite designs and have them shipped the next working day to you all for free! Our Easy Return system makes everything convenient and organized for a hassle-free transaction.

 How to Choose Best Apple Watch Leather Band & Strap

Choosing the best Apple Watch Leather band and strap shouldn’t be a chore. Oxa Leather has the right dimensions for your strap to ensure a secure yet comfy fit.

But before buying a leather watch strap, here are some tips for you to remember to make the most out of your purchase.

Choosing the right type of leather

Whether it’s a soft leather band or a leather watch strap, you have to make sure that the accessory you are buying is made of genuine leather. Make sure to test it out and feel the material first by trying it on your wrist to ensure it feels good on your skin. You can choose from small, regular, and large.

Considering the size

You must always take into consideration how the strap fits on your wrist for a good fit. Make sure that it’s not too tight or loose. Oxa Leather has different band sizes to choose from for both Apple Watch and Fitbit.

Dressing for style

Everyone’s sense of style varies. Wearing a watch or owning a wallet is not just a fashion accessory but a statement on how you brand your personality. Oxa Leather has different watch band styles starting with classy styles like Cuff and Classic for men, and contemporary women’s leather Apple Watch Band designs like Zoe, Chloe, Fiona, and Madison.  

What are the Color Options for Leather Apple Watch Bands

Make your Apple Watch truly your own by choosing the right color that reflects your brand. With over 17 colors to choose from such as

·         Aqua

·         Black

·         Brown

·         Burgundy

·         Cappuccino

·         Cream

·         Espresso

·         Gray

·         Jaguar

·         Leo

·         Mink

·         Pink

·         Purple

·         Red

·         Rustic

·         Sunrise

·         White