Why Should You Use a Leather Desk Mat?

Desk mats have become a staple for most work desk setups, especially in the time when everyone is forced to work at home during the new normal setting. We’ve seen tech vloggers rave about different desk mat styles and textures. But before we give into the hype, is it something that we can consider a necessity to enrich our productivity, or is it another excuse forcing us to spend extra? We’re here to demystify and help you decide on the ultimate question: “Why should you use a leather desk math?”

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What is a Leather Desk Mat?

Leather desk mats are not a novel invention that just started to pop up in recent years. It has been in circulation for centuries and was not only kept for aesthetic reasons but was created out of necessity. It was intended to protect surfaces and maintain the finish of tables, especially when they were created out of expensive wood—a privilege only the affluent can afford in earlier times.

Nowadays, leather desk mats are enjoying a revival as many users and influencers swear by their practicality and sleekness. It holds true, especially for a genuine leather desk mat. Place it in any study or work desk and it immediately elevates the look. 

Of course, there have been newer iterations, such as wool, cloth, and faux or custom leather mat. But the fact remains that nothing beats a classic which has withstood the test of time—a real leather desk mat.

Advantages of a Leather Desk Mat

Thinking about the benefits you’ll be getting, should you get a leather desk mat for yourself? Let’s look at a few pros for you to consider. 


One of the greatest benefits you’ll get from owning a genuine leather desk mat is a durable and well-made product. There’s a reason why leather is still one of the most preferred textures and materials up until now, and it’s because it is created to withstand wear and tear and it even lasts a lifetime! 

Protection and Sheer Comfort

Leather feels good to the touch, that’s why the writing and working experience is noticeably different compared to if you’re only using a rubber or cloth mat. Apart from providing a smooth, flat surface to write or work on, it does its part by protecting your work area surface free from scratches, spills or smudges. 

Timeless Elegance

No matter what way you look at it, a leather desk mat is classy in any environment you put it on. It can easily elevate a workspace with the much-needed class and sophistication it deserves. Additionally, it pairs well with wooden surfaces because both elements feel organic, drastically improving the user-end experience. 

Who Should Use a Leather Desk Mat?

We know how expensive it is to own a leather desk mat. But it’s definitely a worthy investment that anyone should have. If you’re wondering who it’s best fitted for, here are some people we have in mind:

  • Professionals
  • Students
  • Creatives (writers and artists)
  • Business executives
  • Aesthetes 

But if you would ask us what we actually think, virtually ANYONE can use or own a leather desk mat. The truth is it doesn’t matter what your profession or background may be. Every workspace is sacred, it’s a place where we create and become at our most productive. Therefore, all of us deserve quality accessories that would motivate us to be at our best just because of the satisfaction it gives owning and having this product. So if you would like to own one, go ahead and give it a try! 

Leather Desk Mat Models

People looking for the best leather desk mat should always consider that there’s the perfect size according to your space and utility purpose. Let’s take a look at OXA Leather to gauge what size and mode is the best fit for you.

Medium (24" W x 12.5" L | 61cm x 32cm)

If you have a modest workspace that can only hold your laptop, a mouse, your phone/tablet, and other work essentials, this might be the perfect option for you. While it’s incredibly bare, it works best for minimal setups where you don’t want to get distracted by having too much in front of your desk.

Large (36" W x 19" L | 91cm x 48cm)

Those seeking something roomier to accommodate all your things may love the idea of having the larger variant. It’s roomy enough to accommodate your laptop (with or without a stand) with an external keyboard and mouse to speed up your productivity. The larger surface area also means there’s more to cover and protect your beloved work table. 

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