How to Clean a Leather iPhone Case?

Part of maintaining the looks and durability of your phone is ensuring that it maintains its pristine and near-mint condition through constant cleaning and maintenance. While you’re busy wiping the marks off your precious glass screen or disinfecting the many touch areas of your phone, one thing you should also be watching out for is your phone case.

But as there are many types of cases in the market, it’s easy to get confused about how to go about the proper maintenance of your accessories. OXA Leather is here to give you a comprehensive guide on how to clean iPhone leather cases. Continue reading to find out more.

The Importance of Regularly Cleaning Your Apple Leather Case.

It’s easy to ignore your iPhone’s first line of defense, which is your iPhone case leather accessory. Why would you even do it when its primary job is to keep your precious smartphone bump and crack-free from the harsh environment outside?

But as with any accessory, it makes clear sense to disinfect it and regularly clean it given that we are living in a new normal setting. There are even studies to prove it. In a journal released by the National Library of Medicine, it is argued that mobile phones represent a pathway for microbial transmission—something that is worrisome in this day and age.

Apart from being a breeding ground of bacteria and viruses, it’s what you first see when you look at your device. If it’s something as precious as an iPhone leather case, wouldn’t it make sense if you care for it and always maintain its looks? 

Leather-type cases should also be handled in a particular way to avoid further degradation and to maintain their aesthetic—the sole reason why leather cases are created in the first place. 

How to Clean Your Leather iPhone Case? (Provide a step-by-step guide.)

You may be overwhelmed with the mere idea of cleaning your leather iPhone case. But this shouldn’t bother you one bit because there are many ways to keep your leather phone case looking as fresh and sleek as you first brought it out of the box.

Let’s take a look at a quick and easy step-by-step process of cleaning your iPhone case safely.

  1. Remove your iPhone carefully from its case. Ensure that it doesn’t come into contact with any liquids. For leather wallet cases, always check even the tightest corners for any loose coins or cards that may be left.
  2. Add a bit of leather cleaning solution to a wet, cotton cloth. Make sure that the cleaning cloth you’re using is non-abrasive and gently work your way around the entire surface area. It’s best to use warm water to dampen the cloth.
  3. Rub the case gently in a circular motion with light pressure. It lessens the risk of damaging the leather exterior of your case and minimizes any accidental bruising or scratches.
  4. Let your leather case fully dry before snapping it on. Always check for spots that may still be damp. Never put a damp case to avoid bacterial growth. 

Some of the most Prominent Tips When Maintaining Your Apple Leather Case.

Tip 1  (Daily Care)

As genuine leather is made of pure skin, it’s crucial to note that it may stretch. Therefore, avoid mishandling your phone and be mindful of dropping or using it around sharp objects to maintain its original form. Always take the time to wipe away the dust and dirty spots with a soft cloth. A gentle hand is much preferred when wiping away the grime or any dust particles that may have clung to your case.

Tip 2 (Storage)

Always keep this in mind: leather HATES sunlight. That’s why your case shouldn’t be exposed to direct sunlight to avoid any damage and to preserve its premium finish. Your leather case should also experience proper ventilation. Exposure to artificial heat sources also causes leather to dry out and crack. 

Tip 3 (Maintenance)

Certain spots and smudges may need a specific way of handling to avoid further damage. You can remove oil-based spots by blotting the problem area with a dry white cloth. NEVER apply water for these types of stains. For liquid spills, a clean and white absorbent sponge should do the trick.

These steps and tips are simple enough to follow on your own. Understanding the purpose of each accessory and applying proper care not only extends its life but also saves you money from relying too much on professional assistance—especially if you can do it properly on your own. So give your iPhone leather case some love by cleaning it today.

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