Do I Need a MagSafe Case?

One of the essential features of any modern smartphone is its battery life. While we adore high-resolution screens, ultra-fast mobile processors, and pristine sound quality, none of this will mean a thing if your phone is always running low on battery. If you’re prompted every 3 hours to plug in your phone, it takes the joy and convenience of having a powerful device in your hands. 

Smartphone manufacturers have addressed this issue by making it more convenient to load your phone’s battery through wireless charging. In Apple’s case, it has developed MagSafe technology which helps iPhone users conveniently recharge their phone’s battery every time it’s critically low (or at the point of being dangerously low.

If you’re an iPhone 12 user and above, you’re in luck! This article is definitely what you need to shed light on the entire MagSafe ecosystem and what you need to know about MagSafe-compatible accessories for your beloved smartphone. Read on to find out more below.

What is MagSafe?

MagSafe is basically Apple’s patented technology which improves on the wireless charger. While other smartphone devices, such as Google, rely on Qi wireless charging, it sometimes isn’t successfully implemented due to a number of reasons. 

Apple addressed these problems to help the wireless charging experience of iPhone users be more seamless. As advertised in its website, “The MagSafe charger makes wireless chagrin a snap.” The tech giant has also maintained compatibility in mind, to give way for older models. So if you have an iPhone 8 or older, you can still charge your phone without any need for a power adapter and cumbersome wires and cables. 

How Does MagSafe Work?

While some phones with wireless charging technology have either a faulty power adapter or charging inaccuracy due to wrong positioning, Apple fixed these issues by adding magnets inside the iPhone’s internal charging coil and to its MagSafe-compatible battery pack. 

The company also reinforced charging accuracy by relying on an NFC antenna so that the device can precisely identify if a device is being used. With these inaccuracies addressed by its proprietary technology, it results in a faster charging time. Your phone can charge up to 15W as compared to an average of 7.5W from the earlier iterations of wireless chargers.

Which iPhones Have MagSafe?

At present only the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro and the latest line-up of models enjoy the MagSafe experience. As indicated in Apple’s official product overview, “the magnetic alignment experience only applies to iPhone 13, iPhone 13 Pro, iPhone 12, and iPhone 12 Pro models.” 

The models mentioned above have compatible magnetic accessories too. From Apple’s website, you may get a MagSafe Charger and a USB-C integrated cable (1 m) out of the box. 

Apart from iPhones, you may also charge other iDevices as well. The AirPods Pro and 3rd-generation AirPods, including the AirPods with wireless charging case (2nd-generation) and wireless charging case for AirPods, are also eligible for this type of charging technology. 

Why Do You Need a MagSafe Case?

It may be tempting to buy a MagSafe-compatible case knowing that it’s one of the must-have features so that you can fully optimize your iPhone’s worth. But not everyone may actually benefit from this—especially if your usage varies with people who actually benefit from having a MagSafe case. 

Here are some reasons for you to consider if you truly need a MagSafe Case for your iPhone.

  • Seamless experience - If you want nothing but sheer accuracy to make your wireless charging experience impeccable, then perhaps a high-quality MagSafe case is just what you might need.
  • Utter convenience - It’s annoying to lug many cables and chargers inside your bag especially if the whole world screams wireless. People who are minimalist in terms of what they want to pack for their daily essentials may appreciate having this nifty wireless charging option for their phones.
    • Lots of options, featured-packed - from credit card holders, many MagSafe cases can also work as leather wallets which lessens the need to bring other items in your pocket or bag. Less baggage, less hassles.

    Top MagSafe Accessories. 

    While there are a dozen MagSafe accessories out on the market, it’s always best to only use high-quality ones so that it doesn’t interfere with your phone’s usability. Leather wallet cases like those offered by OXA not only offer sleek looks but ultimate accessibility to all your daily essentials.

    OXA’s leather wallet case, for example, is designed in accordance with Apple’s latest MagSafe technology to ensure perfect attachment with MagSafe charger and accessories. It snaps on effortlessly so you’re sure that you can charge your phone with ultimate precision.


    With many novel and useful features offered on most smartphones nowadays, having a MagSafe is a must because it highlights a seamless experience and utter convenience that a modern user like you needs in your day-to-day life. It’s time to embrace the wireless life and take advantage of the conveniences that things like MagSafe technology can offer you.

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